The value of our organization is the competence of our people, because that is how we create value for PORTAL Network.Portal Network has created a culure that emphasizes teamwork and continous process improvement. Our culture is expressed in that embody our core ideology and defines we are. Our values are based on the founndation of unyeilding integerity and act as a campass to guide our thoughts and actions, serving as the pillars that uphold us as on organisation.
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Working With Us
Eenadu is the largest circulated and read news paper of Andhra Pradesh, known for its objective news coverage and unbiased editorial values. It is also the pioneer of regional television in India and had launched ETV Telugu in the year 1995. The network language news portal consists of Hindi, English, Gujarati, Martahi, Bengali, Kannada and Tamil.

We always operate with the highest degree of integrity and honesty and treat each other with deep mutual respect.

We believe in developing a culture which offers a range of learning opportunities relevant to your goals and development. We’re committed to ensuring that everyone at our organization has the chance to maximize their potential. We want you to reach your full potential because your potential is our future. Whether your career plans involve becoming an expert in a specialized field, serving as a jack of all trades or blending work and humanitarian interests, News Portals offers stepping stones to help you get there.

Current Job Openings:

CONTENT EDITOR (For English/Hindi/Bangla/Kannada/Marathi/Features Desk)

Location: Hyderabad

Job Profile:
The Content Editor will be responsible for producing a range of different types of content (national, regional, international, sports, etc.).

Work Experience:
  • Journalists with 2-5 years of desk experience in print or television media. Exposure to online media would be an added advantage.
  • Freshers are encouraged to apply for trainee positions.

REPORTER (For Hindi/Bangla/Kannada/Marathi portals)

Location: Respective State Capital & Metro Cities

Job Profile:
The Reporter is expected to gather news and file it promptly. He/She must present the news in an accurate and unbiased manner.

Work Experience:
  • Journalists with 2-5 years of field experience in print and television media. Exposure to online media would be an added advantage.
  • Journalists with prior experience in entertainment, crime and sports reporting are encouraged to apply.

To Apply send your resume to :