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The visitors are advised to read all the terms and conditions under which they can access the site for all the content and information offered by the site. Only visitors agreeing with these terms may access the site for information or for availing any of the free or paid services offered by the site and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc.


This is a legal agreement ("Agreement") between the user/ visitor/ member/ subscriber collectively hereinafter referred as USER and Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited, hereinafter referred to as UEPL, the owner and operator of the website/portal and such other web site that may be periodically linked either to this web address or to the home page of Eenadu India , hereinafter referred jointly and severally as the site.

Access to the site cannot be had unless and until these terms and conditions are read ,consented to and expressly agreed to by the USER

1. Use and access:

This site is primarily intended to provide News and Entertainment related information to Indians, whether living in India or abroad. The services offered by the site and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc. may be accessed and/or used generally by any intending party, irrespective of region, religion, language, caste, creed, community, race, location, etc but subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. The USERs are required to be individuals competent under Indian laws to contract and avail services offered by the site. The USER must submit and subject themselves to the laws of India and to the jurisdiction of law courts at Hyderabad, Telangana, India, for resolution of any dispute arising out of any eventuality related and/or attributable to the information posted in the site or URLs linked to this site.

2. Commercial use of information is strictly prohibited.

3.The USER seeking to Post any comment or apply for membership /subscription may, at the discretion of UEPL be asked to furnish proof of their identity, address, age, residence, nationality, academic qualifications, other credentials claimed and such other information, before granting access to the site for posting comments or becoming a membership/subscriber


a. Only owners of photos, data, profiles or any other material can upload the same to the site. Others cannot upload or submit material for display on the site.

b. The person uploading/submitting material to the site is presumed to be the owner of such material and that such owner has placed/uploaded/submitted/made available under an assurance and undertaking and warranty that he/she is the owner of the material placed/ uploaded/ submitted/made available and with a further irrevocable right/authorization in favour of UEPL to display the material on the site without any obligation whatsoever on the part of UEPL or on such other persons authorised by UEPL either expressly or impliedly, to pay any remuneration, royalty, license fee etc. and such right/ authorization shall be without any territorial and time restrictions.

c. UEPL reserves the right to reject/edit/delete any comment/opinion/photo/video if in the opinion of UEPL it is Objectionable, abusive, hurts sentiments of people or for any other reasons that UEPL may found deemed not suitable for posting or publishing UEPL may also modify or reject the comment/opinion/photos/videos for other reasons not mentioned herein.

d. UEPL reserves the right to r reject any subscriber/ member, if any prohibitive or objectionable content is found, . UEPL may also modify or reject any subscriber for other reasons not mentioned herein.

e. The person posting any comment/content or any other material on website shall be personally responsible and liable for any damage or loss caused to UEPL or to any third party by such material and shall indemnify UEPL against any claim, liability defamation in respect to the material uploaded on the site.

g. The members shall not post any defamatory, offensive, excessive, exaggerated, false, malafide, inaccurate, erroneous, blasphemous, obscene, profane, pirated, offensive, salacious, ghastly, indecent, racial or illegal material on the site.

h. The visitors or members shall not send abusive, threatening, coercive, harassing, indecent, obscene content or comment to the other members or during online chat.

i. No advertisement can be made on the site of any product or service or no offer of any sale of goods or services can be made without the prior consent of UEPL.

j. No mails can be sent through the site and any transaction other than the permitted transaction is strictly prohibited.

k. The members shall not submit or upload any material, which impinges upon or infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. There shall be an implied assurance and undertaking from the members about the ownership, genuineness and originality of all the information, photographs profiles or other material submitted and/or uploaded on the site.


a. UEPL reserves unfettered right to cancel any members/ subscriber at any stage, without assigning any reason whatsoever. The member who thus forfeits the membership shall not have any claim whatsoever either for the refund of membership fee paid if any or any material given or any information furnished to UEPL.

b. A member/subscriber will automatically be cancelled if any abusive, obscene or sexually oriented message/s or photo/s or video/s is sent by any member to other members or if such material is added to any profile. Such Members shall not be entitled for any compensation from Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited.

6 . TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: This agreement can be terminated by either of the parties at any time, for any reason without notice to the other party. This right is without prejudice to the right of UEPL to suspend or terminate the access of the member to the site without notice for any breach of this Agreement.

7 . SCHEMES: UEPL offers periodically, different types of content and information on the site. UEPL reserves the right to modify, amend, alter, change or discontinue the any content or information at their absolute discretion.

8 . Ownership: This site is owned and operated by Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited, a Company in Ramoji Group. The Company hereby reserves the right to change or discontinue any service, feature, offer, gift, contest, design, layout, content, platform, equipment, systems, programme, software needed for the access or use of the site.


a. The User shall furnish truthful, authentic, genuine, relevant, valid, correct, current, fair information for being displayed or posted on the site.

b. The User shall provide proof as may be required by UEPL to substantiate the information furnished.

c. Every User impliedly undertakes personal responsibility and liability as to the correctness, authenticity, genuineness of the information furnished for display on site.

d. The onus of proving the correctness of information furnished and/or displayed on the site lies on the concerned members.

e. The onus of proving that the information is wrong lies on the members/third parties asserting, relying on/using the information.

f. The User availing online chat facility shall not misuse or misbehave with other members.
g. User shall be personally responsible and liable for their conduct, behaviour, language used and information transferred on ‘online chat’. Any such incident entails penal consequences apart from cancellation of membership and deactivation of all services.

10 . ERRORS AND DISCREPANCIES: While UEPL takes every care and caution to maintain the site free of errors and discrepancies, it is possible for some mistakes to creep into the site by inadvertence, oversight, human error, innocence and honest belief in the information in good faith. UEPL shall not be liable in respect of innocent dissemination of such information and the liability of UEPL is limited to removal of such errors and discrepancies from the site. Users may bring any such discrepancies to the notice of UEPL with reasonable proof for necessary action.

1 1 . Intellectual Property Rights: The intellectual property rights like Trademarks, copyright in artistic works, photographs, creatives, graphics, layout, design, text, video, audio etc in the site and all material posted on the site shall exclusively vest in UEPL. Any violation of such Intellectual Property Rights of UEPL by copying, publishing, distributing, modifying, transferring, altering, imposing, defacing shall be punishable under Law, including Copyright laws.

12. Copying, storage, transmission, circulation of any information including photographs, profiles, code numbers, membership numbers, addresses, etc displayed on the site, is strictly prohibited.

13. The Users shall be solely responsible and liable for all the consequences arising out of any infringement of copyrights, proprietary rights including but not limited to damages, attorney fees and expenses.

14.UEPL shall not undertake any responsibility for display of any erroneous or unauthorized material or information posted on the site by any visitor/ member and the liability of UEPL in case of any such display shall be limited to the removal of such information or material from the site and providing the details of the membership account from where the offending information or material is found to have been uploaded to the site as per the records of UEPL.

15. The users access to the site is available subject to the condition that the site is accessed/used at the sole risk of the member/visitor. UEPL cannot and does not guarantee about the availability of connection to the site, the services, and facilities nor does it assure any accuracy, quality, quantity, genuineness and promptness of any of the services offered on the site.

16. While every endeavor is made to make the site free of any bugs, errors, viruses, failures, delay in transmission etc. UEPL does not guarantee that the site or any of the services offered would be free of bugs, errors, viruses, failures and UEPL does not accept any responsibility or liability for any such bugs, errors, viruses, failures delay in transmission etc in the site.

17. UEPL reserves the right to make such additions, alterations, modifications, insertions, improvements to the site for the betterment and quality enhancement of the material displayed on the site. The user shall also agree for such modifications to the material for compatibility with the technological advancement and shall, without demur, agree for any changes that may be required to be made at the discretion of UEPL and also provide such information or material that may required for updation or upgradation of the site in view of any technological advancement.


a.The user shall indemnify UEPL against any claims by third parties against UEPL in respect of any material posted by them on the site or any claim made by them in the profile.

b. The user shall indemnify UEPL against any claims by third parties in respect of infringements of any Intellectual Property Rights in respect of and/or in relation to any material posted by them on the site.


a. This site is provided by UEPL on an "as is" and "as available" basis. UEPL makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or the authenticity of the information, content, materials, or products included on this site. The visitor/user expressly agrees that his/her use of this site is at his/her sole risk.

b. UEPL does not warrant that this site, its servers, or e-mail sent from Eenadu India are free of viruses or other harmful components. UEPL will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this site, including, but not limited to direct,indirect,incidental, punitive,and consequential damages.

c. UEPL does not give any warranty whatsoever either express or implied, for any advertisement material displayed on the site as to the quality, quantity, utility, originality, genuineness, legality, punctuality of any goods or services offered by UEPL or its agents, business affiliates, associates, agencies, franchisees etc. UEPL also does not give any warranty whatsoever either express or implied, of any disruption, interruption, breakdown of the site or services offered by UEPL or its agents, business affiliates, associates, agencies, franchisees etc.

d. UEPL shall not be liable for any damages to any members or visitors or users or third parties for any injury or damage or hardship sustained by them on account of any error, failure, discrepancy, defect, shortfall, ; any bugs, errors, viruses, failures delay in transmission etc in the site; any defamatory, offensive, excessive, exaggerated, false, malafide, inaccurate, erroneous, blasphemous, obscene, profane, pirated, offensive, salacious, ghastly, indecent, racial or illegal material on the site. The members/visitors/users of the site specifically agree to this and discharge UEPL from any liability whatsoever for the said acts.

e. None of the staff or directors or officers or employees or agents of UEPL shall be liable in any manner whatsoever, for any of the claims of a member for any loss, damage, costs, expenses sustained or likely to be sustained by him/her, by the use and access of the site.

f. All articles, stories, information, news, views, incidents, occurrences etc and any information relating to special services that may be posted or displayed on the site are purely that of the respective authors.
Members/ visitors/users are requested to crosscheck the information from sources that are most reliable and trusted in their personal opinion.
UEPL shall not be liable for any action, damages, indemnity, cost, expenses that the members/visitors/ users may have sustained or incurred from the use of such information.

h. UEPL shall not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate, false, excessive, outdated, irrelevant information displayed or posted on the site at the instance of a member.

i. UEPL shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any errors, discrepancies, and falsities in the information furnished by the
members and displayed on the site.

j. UEPL shall not in any manner be responsible for any infringement and Intellectual Property rights of any third parties by members.

k. Eenadu India had tied up with various News Agencies for sourcing of News and other content and information. While UEPL takes all precautions before posting the content to the site, they shall not liable for any wrongful , erroneous, factual error in the content supplied by the agencies. The responsibility undertaken by Eenadu India is limited to furnishing the name, address and contact details of the agency and/or author of the matter.

20. Any dispute in relation to the services provided by UEPL on the site, whether paid or free, shall be decided by competent courts in the city of Hyderabad to the exclusion of all other courts and shall be heard and disposed off in accordance with laws of India.